Business Incentives Practice (BIP) leverages a project’s unique strengths and benefits to identify, negotiate, and implement all feasible economic development or government incentives (“Incentives”) opportunities. Moreover, BIP provides ongoing support and administration for a project to address any issues that may arise. By engaging BIP to work in parallel to the site selection team, businesses can have assurance that the optimal level of Incentives is secured and realized.



Business Incentives Practice enables its clients to identify, negotiate, and quantify the myriad of incentives available through the federal, state, and municipal governments, as well as utilities service providers. BIP clients represent all industry sectors, ranging in size from Fortune 100 corporations to private owners, occupiers and developers. Almost any type of corporate location initiative can benefit from the use of C&W’s Business Incentives Practice




Many businesses are not aware they may be entitled to Incentives benefits for certain expansion, consolidation, and relocation activities. Business Incentives Practice identifies said opportunities through a multifaceted methodology that begins with careful analysis of project-specific data. The process continues with a detailed due diligence on all aspects of site-specific Incentives opportunities and concludes with the negotiation, implementation, and administration of Incentives.


Phase 1 looks at the feasibility of a project. We confidentially identify and analyze all incentives available to the project. Phase 2 is the negotiation phase where we prepare formal strategy and administer applications to secure incentives. During Phase 3, implementation commences where we obtain formal approvals to ensure negotiated incentives are realized. And finally, during Phase 4 we provide ongoing compliance services to ensure the company realizes the incentives benefits are secured for the project.

BIP has successfully secured Incentives packages for a broad range of clients globally. The BIP team maintains a robust incentives database and along with its vast experience it facilitates the best possible results for a project.  Since its inception, BIP professionals have negotiated in excess of $3.0 billion in savings for its clients.