Oregon shows an average deal value of $4.81 million with 107 new jobs created per deal


The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) exempts a portion of large capital investments from property taxes. The program is available statewide for projects developed by "traded-sector" businesses, most often used for manufacturing firms. "Traded sector" is defined in Oregon law as "industries in which member firms sell their goods or services into markets for which national or international competition exists." 

 Companies making an investment in excess of $25- $100 million in urban areas are eligible to receive real property tax abatements. Qualifying companies must pay an annual service fee equal to 25% of the abated taxes or up to $500,000 in rural areas and $2,000,000 in urban areas. There are no location restrictions for this program which has a maximum duration of 15 years.


The Oregon Investment Advantage programs helps businesses start or locate in most Oregon counties with a multi-year income tax holiday.  Companies setting up operations in an eligible county can be certified at least eight times to annually deduct or subtract taxable income related to those operations, potentially eliminating any state business income tax liability for that period, which begins at least 24 months after the commencement of new operations. 

General company eligibility requirements include:

  • The creation of at least five (5) new full-time, year-round jobs that receive minimum level of compensation;
  • Facility operations need to be the first of their kind in Oregon for that company; and,
  • Facility operations cannot compete with local economy.


The state has the discretionary authority to provide qualifying companies with a corporate income tax credit for qualified research and basic research conducted each year in Oregon.  The award is equal to a 5% income tax credit for in-state research activities. A short-form application is available for grants of up to $50,000.


  • Enterprise Zone Property Tax Abatement
  • Dependent Care Tax Credit
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Oregon Business Expansion Program
  • Film & Video Incentives
  • Renewable Energy Development Grant
  • Biomass Producer Tax Credit
  • Energy Conservation Tax Credit